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Unoffendable Hearts: How to Have a Heart That Is Unoffendable

The Unity Tour is Coming!

Exciting news for all pastors, churches, and believers in America: the Unity Tour is coming, bringing greater unity and love to the Body of Christ!

As we all know, America is in dire need of a revival. The churches in Pennsylvania are no exception, and they require a deeper level of unity and cooperation among pastors, churches, and communities. This level of oneness in the Holy Spirit can only be achieved when the hearts of pastors and believers are humbled and broken, and we become unoffendable.

Apostle Roosevelt Muriel is a living testimony of revival and transformation. He was part of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Columbia, where he learned the importance of having an unoffendable heart.

Revival has come to dark places, such as Cali, Columbia, where Roosevelt was the head of the pastors' ministerium. He witnessed a great revival in his spiritually dark city, where crime, violence, drug cartels, and corruption-plagued them. The pastors cried out in prayer meetings for revival to come to their city, and God broke their hearts, giving them unoffendable hearts and bringing unity to the churches. View the Cali, Columbia transformation video below.

God is stirring up revival in Pennsylvania, and Roosevelt Muriel is preparing to speak at meetings in the state in 2024. He will preach and minister to pastors, intercessors, and believers to see God bring revival to cities and regions.

We invite pastors, ministry leaders, and intercessors across Pennsylvania to prayerfully consider hosting a meeting in your city or region. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will be in touch with you.

Let's pray that God will use Roosevelt Muriel to stir up revival and transformation in Pennsylvania and America, one city and region at a time!

Roosevelt Muriel

Roosevelt Muriel was a reporter and advertising creative for nearly twenty years. He was a tireless seeker of truth and the real meaning of living, and he went through several religions and sects before having a genuine experience with Jesus Christ, the Living God.

In the 80s, the Lord Jesus Christ manifested himself in his life several times. First, through an audible voice, then more palpably and visibly by appearing to him in night dreams and visions. In these dreams, the Lord told him things like: "Open your door, because today I have come into your life," and "Take by grace everything that I give you because the only one who takes away or puts a smile on the earth is My Father," "You have two paths in your life," and "Focus on Me and My Word."

Years later, he opened the doors of his house to speak the Good News of the Gospel to his friends. In a few months, the house was filled with people hungry for a real and living God. In a short time, empirically, he began to exercise pastoral functions.

When he attended the first meeting of pastors in Cali, Colombia, in 1993, he heard the voice of God that told him: "Either you go in to help with what is missing, or you stay outside criticizing them." Since then, he joined the association and shortly after was its secretary and president. During this time in the city of Cali, a revival began that they called The United Vigils of Cali, which impacted their nation of Colombia and the nations. The record of the revival can still be viewed on YouTube in the video below. This video went around the Christian world at that time and was translated into 16 languages.

The Power of Unity, Prayer, and Fasting

Learn about Cali, Colombia's revival and transformation story from the 90's.

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