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Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things! Each day we look to see where God is at work through the leading of the Holy Spirit and join the Holy Spirit there.

God is raising up more and more communities, school districts, counties, cities, and regions where individuals are embracing the vision to see their area transformed by the power of God. It only takes one ordinary person filled with the Holy Spirit to be a catalyst for transformation. You will begin to see everyday people speaking God’s peace and blessing over other's hurting and in need.

In Romans 14:17 the apostle Paul describes the kingdom of God as “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Only God can truly transform a person’s life. Let God use you to bring righteousness, peace, and joy into the lives of people who have lost hope. Transformation begins with you! It then builds momentum, one person at a time.

Join us on God’s transformation journey!

The Mercy House of Ashland website is now LIVE!

God is turning a house that was used to commit over 100,000 abortions to be a place of healing and restoration for women and families who’ve gone through the abortion process. God is doing a big transformation work in Ashland and the rest of Northeast Pennsylvania. Learn more about the MHA and how you can support the vision God has given us!

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Featured Videos

The Broken Walls team travels to Pikangikum to deliver the cure to the world's problems which is Creator God! Watch as they minister to the youth in the community, play their music, and share the things God has put on their hearts!

Check out the 2018 winter road trip here!

Kings & Priests 2018 was full of powerful worship led by anointed musicians and had speakers such as Tim Sheets, Doug Stringer, and Ruth Willard sharing about what God has shown them! Watch as God raises up His new kings and priests of this new era!

Watch the full Kings & Priests 2018 video playlist here!

our history & vision

The Transformation Prayer Network formerly known as the Upper Perk Prayer Evangelism Network or UPPEN, began in 2004. It began when three struggling pastors began to pray regularly together. The three pastor’s common burden and vision were intercessory prayer and evangelism. Their prayers focused on seeking God for revival and spiritual awakening.

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God is using ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Learn how to speak peace and blessing, organize fellowship, meet felt needs, and proclaim the kingdom of God. Join the transformation journey today!

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